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  • me: this fic fucked me up so bad and i cried for hours
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Warnings (AO3, etc)

How do you guys choose to warn? I’ve always done the bare minimum, plus trigger warnings for rape/murder/assault, but it looks like I’m underdoing things, going by the paragraphs of warning tags I encounter in stories. Is it a cultural thing?

sunday somewhere snippet

“He made me feel it was filthy,” Raynes says presently. “I’m not daft, I knew that I loved Laurie better than men love their friends. I didn’t know the name for it, and he made it a part of all the beastliness that happens in schools. I wanted him gone and I didn’t have the words to make him.”

“It is a part of it,” Ralph says, and tries and fails to make his voice less harsh. “I wanted Laurie when he was fifteen and I was eighteen; I kissed him when he was sixteen and I was being given the sack for molesting younger boys. Laurie’ friends when he was in Oxford first used to come down to the docks to rent sailors. All of it goes together, you can’t set a part of it aside and call it pure and sanctified. That’s a coward’s trick, to set aside what is vile in your own desires and allot it to others, give it a name: neurotic, pervert, homosexual. What you want to kill is in yourself. The projection-trick doesn’t serve. In the end you turn on yourself.”

Snape is a Terrible Friend to Lily: An Essay


I feel like the story of Snape and Lily via this post needs a muggle twist so some people can get a true understanding of what that was like. And how you should never side with Snape ever and how he was not romantic and his devotion to Lilly was 5,000% icky.

Imagine you are black.

(I mean, I’m black so I don’t have to do much imagining. But if you are not black imagine you are black. Close your eyes real tight. Concentrate.  Okay open them. Get ready for oppression.)

Now imagine that in maybe 5th grade you make friends with a white boy. He’s kind of shy, but you have things in common. No big deal. Whatever. Its like, the 80’s, being friends with someone of another race isn’t a huge fucking deal anymore. Especially in a big city, which is where you live. Whatever man, its 5th grade. 

In your 5th grade class, there is another boy. Everyone has had this boy in their class at some point: Loud, brash, cocky, kind of really popular but in an annoying way, thinks he’s the class clown—or at least he’s good friends with the class clown. (But this is fifth grade, remember, so if you’re in high school and you have something forming in your mind, age that down to about 12 years old and yeah.) Annoying boy is white too. But hey, its America/England so, most people are white. Its not a big deal. 

Annoying boy pretty much won’t leave you alone. Hair pulling, skirt flipping and the like. Its bothersome and you pretty much loathe him. Particularly because, by contrast with your sweet shy friend, annoying boy is rather beastly.

In about a year, shy boy starts getting really into reading stuff about nationalism and conservative politics. You don’t really pay much attention to it because this is 6th grade. Everyone’s going rapidly through interests and hobbies at this stage of their life. Shy boy is still nice to you and that’s all that matters really.

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On Harry’s relationship with Sirius. 

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